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Climate change is a natural process, but in recent times it has been significantly accelerated by the emission of greenhouse gases primarily caused by the use of fossil fuels. The challenges posed by climate change affect everyone around the world and require concerted action if we are to avoid critical environmental, economic and social consequences.
There is a correlation between poverty and lack of energy. 1.6 billion people, a quarter of the current world’s population, are without electricity. However, global energy demand will grow rapidly over this century. The most eminent challenge is that expected demand for electricity would require during the coming two-three decades the installation of as much power generation capacity as was installed in the entire 20th century and hence more emission of CO2 unless environment friendly clean and efficient technology is adopted.
It is generally accepted by the international science community that the world must reduce its emission of greenhouse gases by 60% of 2000 emissions by 2050 if we are to limit average global warming to 2 degree Celsius. It is believed that only a major technological change can help mitigating or suppressing a substantial amount of greenhouse gases.
Though Bangladesh is going to be one of the worst victims of the global climate change, there has been no systematic scientific studies on Energy and Technology related issues pertaining to climate change, one of the key dimensions of scientific and technological research in the new Millennium.
Current studies on such issues by various organizations in the country are highly dispersed and not well coordinated. We realize that life of common man in rural Bangladesh is significantly influenced by proper utilization of energy and pure drinking water. Therefore, the economic future of Bangladesh and her people lie in the proper utilization of our natural resources. In order to conduct a systematic and coordinated research on Climate Change related issues we have established a research center in Dhaka University which could study on such issues and could be of great importance to the country.
The center is an independent, non-profit research and training organization devoted mainly to the energy and environmental issues of the country and the region.